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​On September 21, 2017, Vivian Guerra, a loving mother, daughter, sister, and aunt, was diagnosed with breast cancer. But, with love from her family and friends she is determined to beat this. She is not going to let this determine who she is, nor let this disease stop her from doing what she loves.

Although, this is a life changing occurrence, she continues to keep her faith. Through the good days and bad days, she always has a optimistic attitude. She does not see it as an obstacle but merely a small bump in the road. She simply takes life, one day at a time. This battle will not be easy, but it is well worth the fight.

We are a team made up of her family and friends. We are doing this to show our love and support. All we ask is that if possible, you would donate as much as you can to this charitable cause. We do not ask you to do this for her, but to do it for whoever you may know that has this disease.

Will you please join us in this fight by making a donation today?

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